We have a burden to see lost souls reached with a clear gospel message – a simple trusting in that Jesus Christ died for your sins, was buried and rose again. Beyond our burden, we have a plan for our community, starting in Winter Garden and Clermont. We do not expect lost souls to just come our way, but rather consider it our responsibility and God’s will for us to have regular, intentional, specific evangelistic outreach. There is no greater time than the present to reach a soul for eternity.

God’s grace affords us an intimate and close relationship with God, the Father. As a congregation, our focus is to draw each of us closer to Him. We emphasize daily and continual encounters with God through time spent in His Word and prayer. With the distractions of daily life easily pounding upon us, fighting for our time and affections, you will find daily and frequent encouragement from your church family to be seeking God and to walk closer with Him.

Our name says it all. Our church atmosphere is that of a true “haven of grace,” a safe place where all are welcome and where graciousness and love are the standard. Whether your heart is broken, your spirit downtrodden or you have simply just “lost your way,” we welcome you home to our family! We are here to serve and minister to you.

Everyone has a part to play. We are His “workmanship” and are saved unto good works. We do not work to earn our salvation, but rather work out of a grateful heart. God’s will is that each one serves Him consistently, actively, and with purpose. We continually provide opportunity, training, assistance, and encouragement in serving Christ, so that each one might be able to find their niche.

As individual believers, we are called upon to model and exemplify the Lord Jesus Christ. Corporately, as a group of believers in a local church, we are also urged to follow the same pattern. We also follow the Pauline pattern for true biblical church government, through biblically qualified men, having the right emphasis of balance in a personal daily walk with Christ, evangelism, service, edification of others, and positive personal relationships with other believers and graciousness. We seek to be an example in a world that so frequently turns its back upon the precepts and plans of God’s Word.